Gold 3 alliance recruiting for AW and AQ

Conclave X is recruiting AW mini boss killers and AQ map 4 / 5 participants. We wrapped up Season 6 in high Gold 3 (28th place) winning 11 of 12 wars in the season. We plan to continue growth in both AQ and AW over the next month but need to add a few new members to do so!

Stuff you might be interested in:
  • We run 2 battle groups in alliance war
  • We run 3 battle groups in alliance quest 44444/44333/22222
  • Discord is required
  • My YouTube channel (cazathuul) is dedicated to serving the alliance. If you have a question about a champ, technique, specific content, etc - just ask and I will create a video if someone else hasn't already created a great one.

Prospective members should be experienced in the game and have a solid roster for our level of AW. At minimum:
  • Single path cleared through Act 5 chapter 2 (Uncollected) or very close to it.
  • Six max rank 4* champs (or equivalent) for AW attack and AQ.
  • Five 4* rank 4 champs (or equivalent) for AW defense.

Interested in joining or learning more? Contact me in game (Cazathuul) or on Discord (cazathuul#3002).

Here is our recruitment video / Season 6 recap:
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