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    And I was sad when I got and Duped 5* Colossus and all of that took less than one freaking month. If duping actually good champs were that easy lol.

    Anyways, F.
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    I'm sorry that you got some champs you weren't wanting in your recent pulls! This can definitely be frustrating and all around crush, I definitely know the feeling. Hopefully, your next pulls are luckier than these and you get the champs you want!

    You people act like you don't know old champions are straight garbage. That's the funniest thing about this game next to the customer service

    You mean OG champions like Starlord, Magik, Ultron, OG Spidey? Rng is rng dude. Unlikely to happen doesn't mean it isn't possible to happen.
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    As someone who's 5* pulls are terrible a significant percentage of the time I can totally relate and yea it sucks big time. It's easy to jump in with yhe whole "we all know rng is the name of the game, if you don't like it go play something else" why not just keep your comments to yourself and keep moving? We're well aware of how it works, doesn't change how discouraging it is falling behind at an ever quickening pace because our luck just happens to suck while others have more stacked rosters at half the effort. I'm happy for you that you have better luck, maybe empathize with those who don't or just post in a different thread.

    Better luck? Or it could just because others open alot more crystals, and even at the same % of getting a "terrible" champion, we have higher odds of getting something "not terrible" within the same time span.
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    Don't complain about KK.
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    The odds of that happening are 0.00001667%, roughly.

    I for one don’t believe that the pulls we get are as random as they say. We'll never know for sure but I just don’t see it.

    That's only 1 in 60,000 - so not crazy long odds at all. If you take all of the players that have opened at least one set of three 5* crystals then someone, somewhere just about HAS to be that unlucky. It's not even a statistical fluke. TBH I'm surprised there aren't more threads with summoners that have pulled the same awful champ three times in a row.
  • Brother @Dexman1349 - it's time to r5 your jamal khan like Swedeah -
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    Brother @Dexman1349 - it's time to r5 your jamal khan like Swedeah -

    You watch. She'll get buffed this year.
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    Hamin wrote: »
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    I never said I "deserved" anything. I am fully aware this game is based on RNG, and yes I knew she was available in each crystal I opened.

    There is however, a certain expectation that hard work and dedication to something should yield positive results.

    It's like doing household chores with an allowance. There is an "even" chance you'll get any whole dollar value between $1 and $100. So you put in the time and effort to do multiple things around only to get repeated dollar bills while your brother does the dishes once and gets $100. He can then move on to do other things while you're still scrubbing floors.

    Eventually you just stop even trying.

    Hard work and dedication will never go hand in hand with RNG unless the Crystal only has champs you want. Want hard work and dedication to pay off? Play arena.

    Kamala #2 was from playing arena...

    You're not helping your case.

    I'm not following your logic. I was just told above to have hard work pay off to do arena. So I do arena and get the same bad result.

    The point of the OP was that I am playing multiple different aspects of the game. Hours in arena, hours in dungeons, and even "buying my way". All of which lead to the same **** result.

    You grinded out KK and then complained about getting KK.

    No, that's not the Arena he grinded. He grinded the 2* Arena Road to greatness I presume, where the rewards are 5 star shards, lots of them. And then from those he pulled one of his 3 Kamala's...
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    Very well I pulled moon knight twice from dungeon crystal..Whom should I complain to all the hard work sleepless nights,and blue Cyclops from featured 2 days back !!!
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    I feel you. Don't let these trolls on here get to you.
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    ElGuapo wrote: »
    I feel you. Don't let these trolls on here get to you.

    I'm quite sure OP will not be complaining if it was a double Ghost or double Spark, CG etc, which statistically, has the exact same % chance of happening like a dual KK.
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    You know I never see any positive comments by @Demonzfyre it seems like you must work for kabam, cuz 90% of your comments are against the player base. Bro let the people vent

    Original poster that’s very unfortunate I feel your pain, I pulled a Kamala from my dungeon crystal too. Sorry dude

    You're right I do work for them. For your insult, I'll make sure your account will get KK, Colossus, and Karnak as your next 5/6* champs.

    Why is it when someone has a different opinion other that tinfoil hat conspiracy or company bashing, they are a "Kabam employee"? I've had my share of "bad" pulls but I accept that it's part of the game. I spend money and still get "bad" pulls and if I dont spend money, I'll get the same. Its going to happen no matter what. No amount of complaining or thinking of crackpot conspiracy theories that can't be proven will ever change how the RNG works.

    Well to your point if I pulled Kamala again as a 5 that would be a dupe, so I’ll take the iso and shards. Colossus would also be a dupe so I’ll take the iso and shards and Karnak as a 6 star I’ll take cuz he’s useful and I already have him so that would also be a dupe! So your scenario wouldn’t hurt me. I use Karnak in situations where I see auto blockers and evaders, so he’s proven to be a decent pull. I don’t always rely on my god tier champs to finish the race. @Demonzfyre
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    Brother @Dexman1349 - it's time to r5 your jamal khan like Swedeah -

    Did he have to use the basic gem tho? That was painful to watch.
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    I see 500 6* shards.
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    I've just had 8 bad 5* pulls in a row including 2 colossus but my 9th was morningstar so that was awesome. 10th blue cyke so I hope I'm not starting another bad streak.
    A 5* basic arena solves the disappointment if kabam can ever be bothered to start it, right now arenas are pointless unless you can grind for the 150 featured 5*s or still need 4*s
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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    There are many ways to bypass RNG rewards but the developers of this game have decided to stick absolutely every reward on RNG. Apparently, it makes more money. So there's that.

    Slot machines are the most profitable games in every casino.
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    I'll rather want Kamala than my f***ing IF that I duped from RTG arena.
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