Ghost and Wasp as a duo

I had a question about my upcomming aq or aw team.
I got Wasp 4* from the basic arena for the Ghost synergie.
I do not have Hood, and only got antman 4* at R3.
Does it make a world of difference if I make a team with Ghost, Wasp and my R4 5* Venom.
Compared to a team that includes Antman or Hood?
I already got a Domino, RedHulk, Massacre team.
So I would find it a shame to dismiss Venom from my teams.
Especially since I do not like antman at all.


  • GreekBeekGreekBeek Posts: 101
    I use 5* Ghost (Rank5), 5* Starky (Rank5) and 4* Wasp (Rank5) as my AW attack team. I only bring Wasp for the Ghost synergy, Wasp has never seen a fight (AW Tier 4).

    Wasp is all you need for Ghost to be amazing in AW. Having unblockable specials have more benefit that the Antman or Hood synergies.
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 488 ★★
    @GreekBeek thank you for your quick reply.
    I was already thinking that, but seeing you have experience with a team like this gives me the reassurance I needed.
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