Regarding 21.2 Delay on Google Play and Trials of the Alchemist - Makeup Trial on Feb 6 (12pm PST)


Due to complications beyond our control, our 21.2 release is still not available for users on Google Play. At this time, we still do not have an ETA for the release, but are continuing to work with our partners to get this sorted out as soon as we possibly can.

Without the Update, it is not possible for users to take part in the Trials of the Alchemist, which is the 7th and final day of Trials.

To compensate for this, we will be allowing all Android users to access and participate in an additional and exclusive Trials of the Alchemist Qquest that will take place on February 6th, at 12pm PST. This is to make up for the Trials of the Alchemist that they are currently missing.

Additionally, we will be locking the current Trials of the Alchemist to iOS users only. This is a precaution we want to take in case users are able to access the Quest with little time left, and lose their Essences, and to prevent an unfair double dip.

We’re very sorry for this delay, and are working as hard as we can to get all users into our new release as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience.
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