Another LOL easy path completion post

I always wanted to complete at least one path of LOL, and keep hoping to get 5* Star lord after the game introduced him to 5* crystal, 2 years ago? I got him last year, and Blade also. After fully explored Act 5 in Aug last year, I decided to plan for LOL, and use the generic awakening stone on Blade, and use the Tech awakening gem on Star Lord.

I keep at least 1.5 mil in basic arena and 3 mil in 5* arena to farm for units. But end up used that 10k units for 5* Vision.

Just one month before my planned LOL run, i pulled Stark Enhanced Spider-man, and my Star Lord still at R4. After few testing, I still feel more comfortable with Star Lord, so I R5 Star Lord instead of Spiderman.

After the gifting event in December and a week of potion farming, I did the actual run.

Finally, I completed easy path yesterday.

Team used R5 Star Lord Sig 133, R5 Blade Sig 82. Ghost Rider, Nebula and Drax for synergies.

Total 18 L2 revive, 50 L1 pots, 50 L2 pots, 140 L3 pots, 27 L5 pots and 36 L2 team pots used. I healed up to 80-90% almost every fights.

All L1-L3 potions were farmed, L4 & L5 Pots were gifts exchanged. No units used and end up still have 40 revives in inventories/stash and expiring....

Nightmare fight: War machine - no attack window after his specials, and i failed to bait twice and died to his L3.....

Silly mistakes: Magik(forgot to change my mastery before the fights, so she keep proc limbo, end up blade died).
Colossus, he block Star Lord L2 twice after he auto evade, and the reflected damaged on the second reflect kill me.
The next fight i decided to use only L3 special.

Dumb and boring: Ant-man, he keep glance, I used Blade L1 all the time to get extra damage from bleed. But he still survived until 3rd enrage time.

Not a brag post as i did it with 30% boost and 2 R5 5*.

Just sharing some information for anyone planning to do it (more on resources planning purpose).
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