2-3 spots open - 14.8mil alliance seeking befofe aw season starts

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H-W has existed now since 2015 - why? Because we are drama free, respect the fact we have families and jobs - and are successful at what we do - we do not allow leaches, we do not tolerate divas, we will cut 10 members if necessary which we did 2 seasons ago. We are returning to full 30 and have 2-3 slots left - we went gold2 with 20 members but before that we were gold 1 and plan to return there this season.

Still with me? Interested ? Make sure you have sufficient 5 star heroes before applying - we prefer higher level ratings but will consider anyone that can handle the maps. Aq we will go 5//4/3
Donations ? Don’t worry about - we got plenty . We expect you to show up and not have to be hand held .

Must have Line
Msg me: Corvos_HW
Ingame : Corvos


  • CorvosCorvos Posts: 86
    Not happy with how your alliance is working out ? We have one spot open in 4 hours - msg me on Line: Corvos_HW
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