Variant 2.3 Boss Spry issue

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On the Variant 2.3 Boss, my understanding of the SPRY BUFF is that the AI Ultron Drone would only activate Fatigue on me if they successfully Evade a hit, but I'm getting Fatigue applied to me while the Ultron Drone is stunned and can't Evade. I don't think this is working as intended and it's costing me a whole lot of revives when I should be getting through this fight without getting all these wrong Fatigues.
Below I've attached a bunch of pictures showing the exact moment where I hit the Drone while he's stunned and unable to Evade, but I'm still getting hit with Fatigue, Power Drain and Gassed debuffs.









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    @Chovner that shocked me a bit too and cost a lot of my revives as well. However, if you read the Ultron Drone’s abilities, you can find that he has an X% chance to Fatigue you any time you hit him, and that Fatigue will count toward the Gassed node. Best strategy (for me at least) is to use Stark Spidey, build up some poise charges, parry, heavy, repeat. And DO NOT hit him at all when Fatigued or you’re a goner. Hope that helps!
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