Act 6 Chapter 1 Beta - Starting Today

edited January 2019 in News & Announcements

We wanted to let you all know that we will be starting a very small Beta test of Act 6 Chapter 1. We've hand picked a very small number of qualified Summoners that will be given very early access to the Chapter, and will be allowed to play through it for 2 weeks, while they give us their feedback.

This is not like our other Beta Tests, and will not make use of the Beta Test server, and items will be provided for our testers to use, but we will closely monitor the use of those items to ensure they are only used for testing purposes.

Even though this is not run on our regular Beta environment, our Testers have all agreed not to disclose any design information, or their identities during the duration of the Beta. They will be allowed to identify themselves and discuss their participation in the Beta after the release of Act 6 Ch1.

Our Designers found the results of a similar test that we did for Act 5 very valuable, and look forward to working with our small group of Summoners again to ensure that when Act 6 is available, it will be the best experience it can be for all!
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