January Event Quest- This man this Monster

So How was your experience fighting this month's EQ? Frankly Diablo is quite a peculiar character with his concotions and for me Kang was the easiest boss fight. As for Modok being my biggest headache for months I brought in Corvus to do the deed. I think the Thing seems like a Korg 2.0 without thorns and with him being unstoppable and you being cornered not a pretty sight to being clobbered and as expected mystics are going to have hardest time fighting him I used Hood and Voodoo and got destroyed lol. So how did you take care of the Thing and Diablo and the other bosses? Feel free to share your experience.


  • Drooped2Drooped2 Posts: 2,189
    Blade and masacre have been my go to for thing

    Modok domino heavies with rulk synergy makes it easy
    Kang is always easy lol

    Rulk is my only death so far cause I didnt have a spiked armor counter and just ate too much auto damage with spark.
    Diablo same as modok but I'll be going back in with others later for fun
    Uncollected done

  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 789
    It seems you had a blast this EQ @Drooped2 Good job
  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 648
    edited January 10
    Kang, MODOK and Mordo were pretty easy tbh. just normal gameplay I say. maybe except MODOK which is heavy him to oblivion.
    The Thing is just watching out for his rock charges. You'll quickly get cornered once he gets Unstoppable, but he isn't the hardest fight ever.
    Red Hulk... I didn't use any ''viable'' counter and just brute force'd him with an R5 5* Sparky. surprisingly it went well and I one shotted him lol.
    I still didn't fight Diablo but I'll share my thoughts later lol. So far I found this EQ easy peasy..
  • ZombieZeddZombieZedd Posts: 441
    I done only 1 chapter . If there regen node on rulk then I'll bring gulk ,voodoo or archangel.
    Any other advices guys
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