5* Mystic Awakening better to use on

I got a 5* Mystic Awakening from 5.4. Exploration Rewards. So who should I use it on?

I already have Magik, Voodoo, GR awakened.

5* Mystic Awakening better to use on 16 votes

GroundedWisdomFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 2 votes
Charlie_SceneJayCeeGladiator2014 3 votes
Wait for Symbiote Supreme
Jim0172AjTodayBKrokoharerabbit99TechonefortyB_Dizzle_01ZombieZeddJustcause102Ajc10PrasannaLedodis 11 votes


  • Mephisto
    Save for better mystic champs
  • Dormammu
    You could wait a very long time for Symbiote Supreme. I would not do that since you have two very nice mystic champs on your roster already in Dormammu and Mephisto. Besides, you could get lucky and get another mystic awakening gem as you are lucky to pull Symbiote Sumpreme. Either scenario takes time. In the mean time, if you need to progress in your game content and requires a strong mystic champ, these two can help. Dormammu is a nice option because he has immunity to poison and bleed and is useful to have in AQ and in quests to face nodes that have those effects. He is much better awakened and need that more than Mephisto. Do you have a 5* poison or bleed immune champ on your roster already? Would be better to advise you if you can provide info on where you are in your game with respect to story quest, monthly quests, AQ completion or what is it you are trying to do in your game.
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