The most consistent aspect of MCOC is...

I've been playing MCOC for over two years now and I love the entire premise of the game, and even the gambling aspect of things. Like most, I find myself frustrated with the RNG (especially after pulling four 5* Miles Morales', two 5* Falcons, one 5* Sentry and one 5* Iron Patriot out of nine of my previous 5* openings), but that's just what it is. This is a game of luck as much as it is a game of skill.

I think we all can live with the not-so-random nature of the RNG, especially when you're failing to ever pull anything you need from any crystal in an effort to force users to spend money and units, but that's a debate that consistently rages here. No sense for me to rehash it because it's been and should be accepted.

I think what most people can not (and should not) accepts however, is the most consistent aspect of MCOC. That, of course, being the relentless issues connecting to the network -- issues that are almost never on the end of the user.

In the past, I've had issues while opening crystals and have, on three occasions, actually lost a solid characters because the connection stopped and the game was reset, forcing me to pop the crystals over. Kabam was contacted and the reaction was, "Oh well. Sorry."


But here we are again... Another updated, another months of amazing content and it's non-stop issues connecting to the network. Those issues have cost me three characters this morning alone in AQ and AW, and I'm sure I'm far from the only one.

Generally not a complainer even though I spend money on this game, but at what point will a level of consistency arrive with the network connections? In 20 years of gaming, the only thing that comes close to Kabam's connectivity issues are the blinking issues cause by an aging NES.

I love what Kabam does for this community as a yearly basis and all of the wonderful things they provide us (2* arena for 5* shards, Gwenpool Goes to the Movies, excellent deals on holidays, continued add-ons to the point where you can never really run out of things to do), but what good is it all if you can't consistently play?

While many can relax and play this game at will, there are some summoners who simply don't have that luxury. We have families, lives, careers and other things to address and take care of. That limits our window to play and when we are faced with relentless connectivity issues, it not only hurts us as the individual, but hurts our respective alliances as well because we aren't able to compete during the window that life allows us.

Perhaps it's just my .02, but priority No. 1 should be a consistently functioning game, and at this point, the most consistent thing about MCOC is that connectivity is consistently inconsistent. Perhaps that can be a priority fix in 2019?


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    Can't agree more game is brutal right now with connection issues and nothings being done. Theres no way kabam is playing on their side without it. They need a quality control department one that actually does testing because there is no way we would constantly get bugged releases if the were actually testing.
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    ... its inconsistency.
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    ... its inconsistency.

    Consistently inconsistent. haha
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