Map 6 / Gold 1 AW Alliance LF a few new members

Wassup boiiiis ??

After a merger gone not so well we are in need of some fresh CoCs, the thiccer - the better. (6k+ prestige would be ideal)

We finished in Gold 1 last season without hassle (plat 3 incoming ?) and are looking to explore map 6. Currently we are running a single BG of map 6 while the other two run map 5 but that can change to two BGs running map 6 in the future depending on availability and everyones CoC potential.

We complete all events except of the arena one as a lot of people hate/don't have enough spare time to run arenas. We usually finish in the 6-20% of SA. The environment is super chill and friendly, we're all adults and no one expects the game to come first.

For any questions or if you express interest in joining, don't hesitate to add me on Line - kazze_one .
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