Gold 1/Plat3 looking for 5 members

Gold 1/Plat 3 alliance looking for a few very active players with line, we are Gold 1 currently rank 83 last season and run Map 5x5 in 2 BGs and Map 4x5 in 1 BG, would like to do 5x5 in all 3 BGs. Currently do over 100mil in AQ, donations are the normal cost for those maps, were a good group from all over and all adults so no drama. We are very helpful but you must be able to handle your own in AW and AQ, if you dont login at least 3 times a day dont bother messaging me we dont like inactives. If you're serious about mcoc and wanna have fun playing it and enjoy a competitive alliance who is always top 100 Gold 1 and looking to dip into Plat 3 every now and then, add dixienormas2000 in mcoc. Thanks!


  • Nice place to have fun! Join soon to have an awesome opportunity to be a part of the family.
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