New Items I would like to see in the game

There are lots of items in this game, but I do want to see a few more changes and additions.

So right now, we have two items for energy refill.
Full Energy Refill-Max stack 10
Small Energy Refill (5)-max stack 25
If you don't use items to refill energy, you have to wait a couple of hours to refill completely.

I would like to add a new energy item. This item would make the energy fill up time reduced by half. Basically it speeds up the time needed for full energy. This item would be 10-15 units (half of full) and can stack only 5. This item could be called energy recharge.

I would like to change the small refill. Instead of refilling 5, why not refill 10? This could still stack to 25 but it could reduce to a smaller number. Or you can add a medium refill that fills 20 energy. This would stack to 5 and cost 10 units.

All of these new items can be awarded to players for beating quests or opening crystals .

2.Unawakening Gem
This would remove the signature ability (and all sig levels) and refund it to the player. You will get that specific class, not a basic. Maybe instead of refunding all signiture stones, do half or maybe even 1/4. For an example, if I unawaken a 5 star tech champ with 200 sigs, I will get a 5 star tech awakening gem and 100 sig levels. These can be awarded or found in cyrstals (or even bought in a bundle).

Thats all the items I want to see. Do you have any item suggestions? Post them in the comments
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