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AW seasons.

Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,968 ★★★★
I am posting this looking for why this idea wouldn't work. I haven't fully thought it through, but the benefits make sense.

Make it so that AW seasons occur at most 4 times per year. 2 months per season. On for 2 months, off for 1 month, would put us at a full year. Make the seasons rarer, and rewards would just be the old 2 month rewards. The one week break to fit in a month of a war season before an update is seriously burning people out, and even the 2 week break isnt great. War has become a central focus and directly or indirectly, puts players in a bind of not able to try new things, officers can necessarily assign new routes to experiment because it could have disastrous results and implications for a whole alliance.

I'd even be in favor of 1 month seasons, 4 times a year. Make AW seasons an ultra-special competition like its supposed to be, with sufficient cooldown to prevent burnout.

Depending on the structure, my suggestion would do nothing to the problem of tanking. It would require more thought.


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