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I've been searching and could find an answer.

I've always logged in and played using my kabam id and have never used my Google account, but i see there is an option to login with my Google account.

So what happens if I'm currently logged in with my kabam id and then click to login to my Google account? Will my progress saved in kabam get wiped out or will it sync to the Google account and Google with have a copy?

If it syncs to Google, then can i just use my Google acc in the future and it'll automatically sync my progress with kabam or do i need to login to both everytime so both can be in sync?


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    One of them is enough to restore your data, I have both accounts loved in and they work, my google disconnects most of the time so kabam account is like a backup for that
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    So you mean if i log into my kabam account and then log into my Google account, it should sync to Google. Then in the future even if i only use my Google account, and if something happens to my Google account, my kabam account should still have the progress that was stored in Google?
  • Your Kabam account will always save your data. Let's say you switch devices from an Android to an iOS, you'll be able to recover your data using your Kabam account.
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    Ok so i shouldn't be logging into Google or bother with the Google account?
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    Ok so i shouldn't be logging into Google or bother with the Google account?

    You can log in with your Google Account! A lot of people have their "Game IDs" linked too for Achievement Purposes and keeping all their game profiles together as such. Kabam Account just ensures your data is fully saved and you can log in on the off-chance your game logs you out OR you switch OS systems.
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