21 Mil ally, Gold1/Plat3, 2 map 6/week (top 60) looking for 1

We are searching for 1 new member to join us.

About us:
We are (NxTP1)Untainted - TP1. Part of a family of 5 alliances and have been playing mcoc for close to 3 years.

We aim for Plat 3 war rewards each season.

Our AQ schedule consists of an average of 2 map 6/week and the rest being map 5 with according donations. Our last week AQ rank was 56th.

We do not have event minimums, but see milestones in all events.

Our member requirements are as follows:
- 7800+ prestige and 2 5/65 champs minimum, with another on the way.
- Active enough to handle wars and AQs and are responsible for making sure your paths are cleared and not holding up the team.
- North American based timezone play is preferred to ensure cohesive movement with the team.

If you are interested in growing and playing competitively with an organized group of players and you meet the above criteria, please message me on either of the following to discuss further:

CHQ: •The Ricktator•#iTve
Line: Rickthemang

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