while we are at it
-- hunter spider mode
if intercet opponent she can gain 1 passive cruelty buff increasing her crit damage 666
max stack 6.
stack are lost if she moves to trap spider mode
-- while in trap spider mode
while hitting opponent with heavy she can gain
spider trap buff, reducing opponent ability accuracy by 12%.
max stack of 5.
- hunter spider mode
gain precision buff increasing her crit rate by x%
- trap spider mode
gain 5 evade charge passive gurantees to ignore opponent specials hits. max stack 10.
if hit with heavy or intercepted she looses all evade charge.
- hunter spider mode
guranteed to armour break reducing opponent armour for 2000 rating for 12 seconds
- trap spider mode
puts weakness debuff on opponent reducing their attack by 70% for 12 seconds
-hunter spider mode
guranteed to armour break opponent reducing armour for 2200 rating for 18 seconds
- trap spider mode
taunts opponents reducing their attack by 45% and increasing their special attack chances by 70%.

20% chance to armour break opponent for 500 for 9 seconds.

all new all spider
gain 35% ability accuracy against all spider verse villains


miles morales
increase 5% attack for each evade charge

spiderman (classic)
30% power rate against opponent who has debuff on them

doc oc
all breakthrough durations increased by flat 4 seconds.

All gwenpool characters get +12% special attack


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