Class Power boosts not working in war.

Two of my Ally mates have experienced the cosmic and mystic 150%/200% power boosts returning 0 power from special 2 and special 3.

Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Stees82Stees82 Posts: 13
    Im one of the ppl that it wasnt working, i sent in a ticket explaining everything and they sent me back an email asking me to explain everything... does that make any sense?Do they bother to read the freaking tickets!! Anyway i was using corvus on node 24 against gg. First sp2 nothing, all hits crit. The next two were the same result but was out of crits. So after there was only 30 seconds left it finally started working. Was able to get two more sp2 in but lost the match due to time out. He was at 3% health.. was fuming after
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