Monthly Event Quests

Often in these event quests, the story arc has some character (example, in this one, Thing when you reach Diablo) .. offer to help the summoner fight Diablo, and suggestive of such ..

however, of course, no such thing happens ... it would be neat if that was something that happened ..

It wouldn't be too hard to pull off:

- add a 6th slot in the team comp.
- no available to use normally (just like the extra slots when you're lower level, if you recall).
- auto fill it with a champ that "helping" at appropriate time ... so for example, in Master, maybe a 4* Thing ? in heroic, 3* ? Uncollected .. 5*? not sure, have to pick a level that's "appropriate" without making it too easy, but at least .. "useful" ..
- This would also provide a neat way to allow people a "chance" to play with a new champ . even if for just 1 fight, during a specific quest.
- It should activate any synergies, of course ... but of course, also go away after the "help"
- it could be for just 1 fight, or even a full quest, or partial quest ... depending on the story arc ..

But I think that would be neat to have them "actually" help you .. once they say they're going to help ... O.o


  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,437
    A 6th champ means you can have every class. That won't happen.
  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 489 ★★★
    keep in mind, the idea of the 6th slot, isn't your choice .. and it may only be available for 1 fight .. so I don't see the issue there ? ;)
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