Looking For Map 6 and Map 5 Alliance with Good war Rating (My Prestige: 7342)

adnan00720adnan00720 Posts: 5
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Line id:adnan00720


  • Hey man,

    I understand you are looking for better, but if you wanna chill, we are looking for some strong players in our ally. AW: we are actually gold 3, pushing to gold 2. AQ: three groups of map 4.

    Contact me on Line App (id: elkalla)
  • BruteForce247BruteForce247 Posts: 16
    Our war rating is a little above 2000 and we do map 5x5 usually placing in the top 500 in AQ. Contact me on Line at jfortner627 for more details.
  • My Line ID:adnan00710
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