looking for a new home

hey everyone I am a relatively new summoner. I only been playing consistently for about 3 to 4 months now. with this being said i am looking for a relativity competitive group. I am right now in a silver 2 alliance and I normally get 7 to 10 attacker kills and normally never die. my line id is themaster116 if you want more particulars/ screen shots of my roster.


  • oh i forgot to add that i can and often do take out the aq map 2 boss with all the linked nodes up except power gain.
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    Messaged you on LINE
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    We require LINE. We are AQ/AW focused. Casual yet competitive. We have lower rated members that we are working with to build up. We try to make sure we get good rewards for everyone.

    BoomkingII (EST) on LINE.
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