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  • So when I log in after maintenance and the game is seeming working fine so I throw on boosts to complete the trials and get 3 fights in and then KABAM! Game goes back down. Now I lose my boosts and can’t complete it so I lose my potential rewards and I’m SOL. Come on Kabam! I guarantee I’m definitely not the only person with this issue!
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    Why you guys doing this we have louds of things to do and game is offline for 3 hours 😐
  • LifeswickedLifeswicked Posts: 106
    Agree that’s the least you could do
    Tayyab82 wrote: »
    @kabam I hope you guys will shortened AQ energy timer atleast for current AQ

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    All I can say is boop
  • Been many hours. We are not going to finish Map 6. Thanks Kabam.
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    ... can we get an eta on when the game is up again. An issue for AQ and arena grind where we are missing out on 5* and 6* champs long refresh
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    A freaking big gaming company which can’t get its SCHEDULED maintenance done properly. Tells you a lot about them. Other games I play feel bad enough about going into scheduled maintenance that they compensate you with something when they come back up. For kabam, even if they make serious mistakes like this, they will tell players to suck it up.
  • Is there any possible way to schedule maintenance when aq is not running? Jan 14 would have been a good day since there was no aq. Or maybe early afternoon when people are active for aq. When no aq is better, schedule it then from now on, pretty please with sugar on top
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    You guys are only 1 day into AQ how about you guys just restart AQ tomorrow. This make the best sense and is fair for everyone.
  • Hope we getting timer reduced, this is dragging on for too long. Stuck in map 6.
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    Great timing as usual but here in the asia pacific region we get screwed on maintenance timing all the time.
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    Just hope they REALLY screw up so we get some free stuff
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    phillgreen wrote: »
    Great timing as usual but here in the asia pacific region we get screwed on maintenance timing all the time.
    Yes mate. My timezone is GMT8 and everyone is stuck in map5 wanting to clear some path before lunch and its still maintenance
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    Hamin wrote: »
    ManChild wrote: »
    Any reasoning behind the extended maintenance?

    Server hamsters died.

    They're on their way to the 24 hour pet store as we speak. It'll be back soon.

    Good news is their punch card is full so this hamster should be free. Savings they will pass onto us I’m sure!

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    After the completion of scheduled maintenance break which was informed earlier from Kabam team via an email, I restarted my game to play trial of the alchemist event quest. As per requirement of the event, I had boosted all my six essence or boost collected from daily quest of trial of the alchemist event and suddenly the game got disconnected in between and scheduled maintenance reappeared again on my screen. I was totally upset as my game progression was stuck and my boost was also wasted due to this incident. I would like to know if Kabam could provide me to restart this event with all my boost unused. Any suggestions or what should I do? Should I need to quit the event?... Totally confused...Need desperate help!!
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    Menkent wrote: »
    For the record, these threads were merged incorrectly. Now we have legit complaining about the unscheduled second maintenance stuck on the end of a thread with some guy whining about wasting his boosts before the scheduled first maintenance.

    I apologize for accidentally grabbing that thread. However this will be the thread for the discussion of the current maintenance issues. Please keep discussion of today's maintenance to this thread. Additional threads will be closed and redirected here.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Here's what I don't understand. You go out of your way to inform us about the thread merge, but tell us exactly jack about the maintenance issue. So, WTF is up with this maintenance BS? I only have a certain amount of time to play this game in a day and have certain goals I want to accomplish and this kind of **** significantly impacts that in a negative way. And as usual Kabaam and its minion say absolutely sh*t about the problem, what's happening, what they are doing about it and how long it is expected to last. How about giving the players some useful information for a change?
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    What was in the 12mb the game wanted to download when it came back up?

    I will wait a few hours before attempting the Alchemy trial, history suggests more emergency maintenance incoming and I don't want to lose the boosts.
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    No 30 min timers very stingy very stink
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    Some of us aren’t lying I hope they do go in and look at when I use the boost and when they do I will expecting compensation stop assuming people are lying @Cranmer00
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    DNA3000 wrote: »
    winterthur wrote: »
    I forgot about this scheduled maintenance too. Was running Arena, just KOed the AI and poof ... wondering if it was counted or replay or lost.

    It depends. I've pushed the envelope on maintenance a couple times in the arena and had that happen: if you game client sent the message to the servers that the KO happened, you'll probably get credit for the kill. If the servers went down a moment before, then you might get the disconnected replay message when the servers come back. But you might also see the servers consider you dead. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but as I think about it I've seen all three possibilities happen to me over time.

    Well, fight was counted as lost.
    Good thing it was 2nd fight.

    Lesson is learn to take note of announcements and remember it.
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    phillgreen wrote: »
    What was in the 12mb the game wanted to download when it came back up?

    I will wait a few hours before attempting the Alchemy trial, history suggests more emergency maintenance incoming and I don't want to lose the boosts.

    Must have been the fix for RedHulk with the unblockable bug
  • Funny, I had no issue with maintenance. It was originally in game mail as possibly taking 3 hours to complete. I waited 3 hours, logged in, and the game has been fine for me.
  • 1irexeh07jt3.png

    So yeah, try reading next. Everyone was informed of 3 hour maintenance. It's like nobody has ever played the game before
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