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Act 4 vs event quests

What should be a priority? Completing Act 4 100% or doing all the monthly event quests?


  • WafflesalldayWafflesallday Posts: 189
    Act 4. If you feel like you can 100% it I'd do that asap. I completely skipped both the Howard the duck and Mordo monthly quests to finish act 4
  • Goose_81Goose_81 Posts: 111
    I wouldn't worry with normal and beginner on the event quests. However, i would try to complete heroic and as much of master as you can. The rewards are better in act 4, but it also isn't going anywhere.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,469 ★★★★
    Event quests because they expire and give decent rewards and units. One you finish heroic event then do act 4 until the next event quest t
  • ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,461 ★★★★
    I do a once through on the monthly event quests even for beginner and normal. The units you get from it are my only reason though.
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