Serious Request for a Bishop Buff to Kabam

This is an honest request for a Bishop buff. Not to make him OP, but just to make him a better character. Similar to Carnage the bones of a really great design are there, but it didn't quite reach the goal. I like what Kabam did with the character, I just want to see him improved into a more cohesive design.

Why? Because he honestly is a really cool, fun to play character, and he's sooo CLOSE to where he should be. I suggest the following changes:

1. Have him only degenerate if you stay at special 3 for too long and don't use it. Doesn't need degeneration on both high prowess and power bar. Part of the appeal of this character is to build up really high prowess stacks, and yet the kit actively punishes you for doing so. I imagine this was a safety net in case Bishop landed up being too crazy, but at this point we have Corvus, Proxima, Domino, and Aegon who all do like 5x Bishops damage anyways.
2. Instead of gaining no prowess against tech, make it at least 1 charge at a time. It would still make him weaker to tech champions, but at least he could use the charges to regen or get rid of a bleed.
3. Have him gain an extra prowess charge if he evades any attack and comes back in to hit the enemy (similiar to KM). A single extra prowess stack isn't going to make him that much more powerful, but it would reward you for playing well or against stun immune enemies where you aren't gaining stacks by blocking.
4. The synergies are a nice idea, but they also could use an update. Chronal anchor is cool (anti power gain synergy), but it doesn't make that much sense for Bishop who doesn't otherwise have a way to power control, and it doesn't last long enough to be that much use for Psylocke. What if instead of giving prowess and part of a power bar they gave prowess and then for each conduit you gained power when you gain prowess? So, gaining prowess in the fight would also fill your bar faster per active synergy.
5. Have the regen be based on his power bar as well, not his prowess. You don't really want to use prowess for anything other than blowing up enemies. Using it for bleed removal, regen, and specials all at the same time means there is never enough prowess to go around or it's not being utilized well. Plus there is no way to control how it is used up, as any special eats the entire stack. If you really want to go crazy with buffs could make it so the regen increases based on how high his power bar is or how many prowess stacks he has, but that might be too much.
6. The sig ability is a cool idea, but it would make more sense if you got these bonuses as you reached the bar of power (like Angela) rather than before the fight. It's almost impossible to control how many bars of power you will start with every fight, and it takes a lot of planning to make use of the signature ability. For example, have the unblockable specials and high stacks of prowess active, but then the other parts he would only gain as he hits those bars of power for the special. You hit 2 bars you have the incinerate, 3 would be the steady release buff, and then you could actually make use of the ability accuracy/stun immunity buff because you could stay within 1 bar of power (use your special just before special 2, then repeat to stay around special 1 and keep that specific buff).

Am I going to far? I feel like Bishop has a cool design, good match ups, but just isn't quite there due to the way his kit interacts with itself and his extremely low crit chance. Anyone else feel free to chime in and add your input. I don't know if the above suggestions are perfect, I just really like the character and want to see the whole design really come together.


    The most i he really could use is for his Prowess charges to give him a small boost in critical hit/chance stats
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 990 ★★★
    I'm a fan of Bishop, but, imo, they have more mutie champs that needs to be buff very fast (Colossu, OML, DPX, Magneto) .
    So, I don't think we'll see a Bishop buff very soon.
  • SpiderCoolsSpiderCools Posts: 586 ★★
    Bishop is fine as he is right now. Besides Kabam should worry about other mutants that are more deserving of buffs *cough* colossus *cough*
  • Cranmer00Cranmer00 Posts: 521 ★★
    edited January 2019
    They need to up Magneto one of the most powerful mutants yet is one of the weakest in the game. Bishop and cable could use a small tweak
  • TheSpicyKnightTheSpicyKnight Posts: 1,099 ★★★★
    I have to agree with OP. If not the entire thing, I think they could add a couple tiny things to Bishop since it wouldn't take as much effort as completely reworking a champion like Colossus.
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