Is this Obvious Cheating Or an Obvious Bug?


How is an alliance that ran 3 tier 2 AW Wars #2 in the world ahead of the Tier 1 alliances that won 3.

We are 3-0 and are a million points away while putting up very low deaths in same tier.

Also #1 is off for tier 1.

This is #1 either a glitch. Or #2 time matched with a shell alliance that didn’t kill a single defender to gain a cheating advantage. #3 matched with disbanded alliance that is now filled with level 20 accounts on a pure stroke of luck. Which doesn’t make up for 1mil pts either way.

This needs to be fixed and addressed. Please do not close this thread and direct it somewhere. Please address this issue as I a, not naming any specific alliance. Just that this is the most OBVIOUS glitch or cheat ever.


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