Relaxed Alliance Recruiting

Recruiting for our Semi retired/Relaxed Alliance, we have a few High lvl veterans mixed with some low lvl players to help them advance, we run AQ map 3x5 and run war every chance possible, usually only run 1 war BG but trying to get enough active ppl for at least 2 BGS, u can play as u wish and join AQ/AW whenever your available, no obligations, if u wanna come just hang out and chat and do your own thing thats cool too. We use GROUPME for communication. Alliance is Part of the Stank Alliances, Which consist of about 6 alliance in all thus room for moving from relaxed-serious alliances. Alliance name is Stink Nuggets Legion - tag is StnkL
- - - My ingame name is SHLV23 or ShiveringKnight and my LINE id shiveringknight23(Shiv23)[StnkL]
leave a response here or hit me up ingame or on LINE( i do not check LINE very often) getting a hold of me ingame or on here is best. i have 2 accounts both are listed above.
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