1000+ player banwave but no alliance deductions

Why did the alliance deductions stop? Because the scope of the ban was sooo huge, if you through master and platinum this morning you I’ll see each having 22/30 , 28/30 29/30, 27/30.... so from this arena bot script they were using to get new champs that in turn helped their alliances win wars and get kills on defense, the entire alliance benefited from it but No deduction.

Or at least give compensation for those alliances that have never had a player banned and never got to have an advantage like the cheaters had.

I know there will be a lot of pushback on this because most alliances had a member banned.

Also can I use a bot to get brand new arena champs and rewards for months and alliance rewards and only get a one week ban. Is kabam taking away the progress done with their hack or is it just a weeek ban.. with them able to rejoin an alliance and still get AW rewards and keep their champions.

I love how all the mods promised transparency going forward with MCOC but then these things are done and then swept under the rug so there is no large backlash, threads deleted, without any word to the community.

Don’t you think with a 1000 player ban, we as a community deserve to know wth is going on and what is being done to combat these cheats.


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