I M 540k player with 4 5R4 and many 4 R5 looking for :

alliance 10 millions not under with many level 60 for playing 553 X5 or 443 something like that no full 5 and no full 3
AW only 3 groups i have played only with 2 groups war are are too difficult TIAR must be 7 no more not under i dont want path assigned for war i choose my def etc...

all events except arena mandatory except if some people have problem holidays etc... real life is very important dont want crazy one focus on this game only.

you can find me in the game : JeanClaudeDusse

contact me only if you are what i m looking for if not i ll delete the friend request.

last thing i use line but i dont spend my time on there prefer to be clear



  • Bono72Bono72 Posts: 154
    i dont reply here dont waste your time to contact me there.
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