5* Mystic R3-R4 rank up gem

I actually don’t use anyone of them because my top are always a better option. Who would you choose among them?

I have MD at 4/5

Hood: Buff control, little regeneration, invisibility.
Mephisto: Buff lock, continous power gain.
Mordo: damage output, fairly reliable regeneration.

Only Mordo is duped so they are all quite poor in AW defense.

5* Mystic R3-R4 rank up gem 4 votes

The_red_EclipseFhfjghhggggjfhfjgFenico 3 votes
A l p h a 1 vote


  • StrStr Posts: 421
    None. Depends on who else you have in your mystic already r4. I personally would probably only take magik, dr voodoo and symbiote supreme to r4. I would then save it for a better new mystic release.
  • StrStr Posts: 421
    * unless your alliance leader needs something like an r4 jug on aw def.
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