Who to rank up first?

I would appreciate also to know why.

Who to rank up first? 8 votes

5* Blade to R5
KinkyWizard1Fenico 2 votes
6* Ghost to R2
StrThe_red_EclipseIBlueShiftIFhfjghhggggjfhfjgPrasannaThanos_Car 6 votes


  • StrStr Posts: 433 ★★
    edited January 19
    6* Ghost to R2
    btI love my r5 blade but the new content is designed to bypass his main abilities now so he isnt as useful as he once was. E.g. more cornered, massochism, evade and autoblock. I feel ghost does a lot better damage and doesn't necessarily need as many synergies to be god tier. Her ability to run suicides also makes her hit a lot harder. Plus 6* is future proof.
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