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10.5 mil alliance looking for active AQ focused player

We are looking for a active player who is AQ focused with map 3 and 4 experience. Someone that is willing to work as a good teammate, communicate very well, willing to make minimum donations to the Treasury weekly to do map 4 and map 5 as we have 1 BG that does map 5x5, another BG does map 4x5 and the last does a mix of map 3 and map 4. We ideally would like someone that has a fairly elevated player rating of 150k or higher and has enough champs to compete in AQ as well as War at the same time if necessary. If this sounds appealing to you or you want to learn more about the alliance please contact me on the line app zbot34


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 173
    We are still looking for 1 player to join us. We have another open slot. If you are interested please message me. Thanks
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