Uncollected Red Hulk

Trying to complete UC event quest, I've managed to get chapter 1 and 2 100%, but I am struggling with red hulk, that horrendus regen and his unblockable + extra damage through the heat ****.

My best champs are below, Gullotine is a possibilty with her sp2, but it's not always easy to get her to a special 2 and keep it up. I have a limited roster, was just curious as to any suggestions as who to use with my champs to have the best shot



  • PrathapPrathap Posts: 451 ★★
    Go with Blade, GR and Starky.. You should be able to beat Red Hulk
  • ThatGuy214ThatGuy214 Posts: 212
    If your good with quake she works too she shuts down the regen and can turn off the unblockable finally. The regen can stack some in between parries but doable might have to put on suicides for thay 4* version though mine was 4/55 when i used quake. Although that domino rank 5/50 might have a chance.
  • crgoodw1ncrgoodw1n Posts: 125
    If you can keep a combo, GP will work. The trinity makes Blade a good option. Quake will if yo use her well. Regardless of who you use, that fight takes a good amount of skill. One hit from him and the block damage alone is crazy.
  • If you have modok, evade red hulk until he has 70 heal charges minimum and fire off sp1 and he’s dead... any version of modok will do, 3*, 4*, 5*... no need to be awakened....
  • Dman1818Dman1818 Posts: 8
    Also if you have a duped (high sig) cap IW, and despair (maxed preferably, but I have 2 points and works fine) and just parry him to death. need to set him up with a tech, science, and cosmic synergy. takes some practice, dex and parry are a must. no need to hit him at all! hope this helps
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 505 ★★
    How is quake able to shut down regen?
  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,639 ★★★★
    3 star modok or void
  • tusharNairtusharNair Posts: 44
  • 10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 531 ★★
    My Blade has been my MVP, but there are a number of other good options here from everyone.
  • bm3eppsbm3epps Posts: 716 ★★
  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 328
    My 4* void wiped him out, took time, but he does the job with little to no offense. I also used heavy hitters. The regen isn’t an issue if you can keep hitting him. The unblockable is a pain but because he is more defensive, you can catch him
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