Champion and Mastery Ideas

Here are some suggestions to Masteries and Champions that I have been thinking about for some time:

1. Storm -- Give her the ability to Frost Bite, Freeze Burn, or Coldsnap her foes. She is able to lower temperatures in her immediate vicinity, so she is capable of other weather conditions, such as Hail Storms and Blizzards.
2. Magneto -- Magneto should be able to Magnetize all his foes. With Specials that successfully hit, he should inflict his foes with Metals slivers, which allows Magneto to Magnetize those who have no metal on them. Magneto should also have a chance to Evade or make his foes Miss, whenever he is struck with a projectile or physical attack that is made of Metal. He will not just allow his foes Swords and/or Bullets to land on him.
3. Luke Cage -- With every hit that he lands, you'd think he'd do more than just makes his foes exhausted. With his Special 2 and 3, he hits his foes in the head, which in reality, can cause a Concussion or even Confusion. Confusion should be a debuff to be introduced to the contest, where the foe would have a chance to Miss their target and get hurt.
4. Iron Man -- Since Kabam has used the concept art from the Iron Man movie, he should have similar armament. Iron Man has concentrated lasers , and Bullets and missiles that shoot out of his shoulders and arms. With these weapons, Iron Man could have many sorts of Abilities. Special 3 Tank Missile is still on my wishlist!

1. Critical Resistance (Defense) -- X% chance to reduce Critical Damage taken by X%. Chance increased based on Armor Rating
2. Power Fatigue (Utility) -- Critical Hits has an X% chance to inhibit Power Gain for the opponent
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