Hypes endless power gain

I did hype’s super the dashed back and held block. While holding there was a grey timer and after the timer ended I got power gain upon power gain. Has anyone had this happen to them?


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    If you dash back and hold block with 3 cosmic charges (the yellow circle), there will be a grey timer counting down to when you consume them and health regen starts.

    But most likely if you aren’t waiting to get full power and 3 cosmic charges, you won’t have full power. The cosmic charges are instead consumed for power gain buffs and the health regen won’t succeed. This happens automatically everytime you have cosmic charges and you arent at full power. “Endless power gain” is just hyperion’s mechanic, he gets power gain as long as he has cosmic charges to consume.
  • Hmmm that is supposed to activate his regeneration, I will give it a test and see
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,842 ★★★★★
    To activate long power gain, do sp3 when you have 3 charges.
    To activate regen, dash back and hold block when you have 3 charges
  • You had 3 charges and tried to trigger the regen.
    In the middle of the process, you lost your a charge (it was converted to a power gain buff) and no regen was triggered. From there on out, each power gain buff would last 4 seconds (+ x% from the sig ability) and you would gain a cosmic charge each 8 seconds
  • LostReplica23LostReplica23 Posts: 181
    I feel dumb, i never knew that he had a regen
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