Super chilled alliance, looking for active players to have fun

Hi guys,

We are a very chilled alliance, yet active. No communication required. We do basic communication through the game chat only. Donation is optional. Everyone is nice and busy with their own "real" lives. We are just there to have fun. Time zone is of course no issue.

For AQ, if we have enough funds, we play as follows:
BG 1: map 4
BG 2 : map 3
BG 3: map 3
If we don't have funds, we just play map 3's.
We aim at exploring BG 1 and 2
We open BG 3 for those who cant contribute but still want the rewards.
We usually hit the 15 million milestone, sometimes 20 million.

We play AW with two BG's only, no assigned BGs, first come first serve :) we usually end up between silver 1 and silver 2.

We aim at hitting SA 320 k every week.

If intersted, look up our alliance and hit join:
Full mouth Fistula
In case you are wondering about the name, our leader is a dentist :D

We had a few retirements recently, looking forward to filling them up and getting back on track.
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