Never thought off it

Act 4 using 2 energies, at first when it was 3 energies i thought to me self no to much hassle and not enough reward, ive done act 5.1 and upto 5.2.3 when i used my first revive then i decided this 2 energy on act 4 sounds half good, so since its come out ive explored 4.1 4.2 and currently mid way 4.3.

It will work out very good currently i can R4 killmonger just in need off a few skill fragments and once i complete act 4 i get another 4t2a plus the bonus 3 t4cc

Any1 who hasnt explored act 4 i would give it a shot, and so far act 4.3 has some stupid long paths if im right theres 1 chapter with other 10 paths! Or 10 paths which ever way you see it.

Currently its taking me 2 days to fully explore 1 part off chapter 3. Im on 4.3.3. Im using maybe 1 or 2 energy refills a day depending how busy i am i may use non, but these longer paths im using energies, im taking out the longest routes first then by the end im left with the 2nd shortesr route (shortest route i toke out when completing act 4) lol


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