5 Star Killmonger - Signature Level

Hi Folks,

Last Night I was lucky enough to doup my 5 star Killmonger B):) which took away some of numbing emptiness I felt when just a few mins earlier I pulled a 6 star Karnak :s:'(

Just a question about his signature level requirements, how many stones does he need pumped into him if any??

Thank You Kindly in advance


  • Ideally you need sig 200.But if you don't have so many sig stones pump as much as you can.
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,468 ★★★★
    Your lucky on the killmonger. I was waiting to dupe mine but finally got a skill awakening gem. Now im undecided if I should use it on him or wait and see if I can pull blade from his crystal. I love killmonger but I know blade needs awakened more than KM does. Hopefully someone let's us know about the stones he needs.
  • DonkillaDonkilla Posts: 162
    He's got tons off abilities unduped
  • TopCat87TopCat87 Posts: 50
    What does he gain from having a higher Sig Level?!?

    I thought sig 200 were for the likes of void etc
  • Nemsa_M4nNemsa_M4n Posts: 49
    He gets an attack boost while reverberation and truestrike are both active
  • TopCat87TopCat87 Posts: 50
    Nice, well I used a lot of my generic ones to help beef up my void, so might just stick with the skill stones only
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