Introducing: MCOC Acronym Finder LINE Bot

Hey everyone!

I've noticed that there has been a lot of people who have wondered what an acronym for a champ might stand for, such as ST for Sabretooth and HE for Hawkeye. So, to address that, I created a line bot for providing you with that. Not only that, but I am currently in the process of adding nodes to the bot to get the description of them, an explanation of them and a rating on its difficulty. I have only just started adding nodes (so it is a work-in-progress), but you can still access the other nodes while I add other ones. I believe I have added almost all of the acronyms, but feel free to tell me if you know an acronym for a champ that I haven't added yet. That being said, I hope it helps you guys!

When friending the bot, it will send you a message of how to use it, but you can always type -help to get it again.

Line QR Code:
Line ID: @amo6078g


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