Outlaws are here

Owtlz Outlaws

Looking for members who want to chill and have fun. Learn and grow. Tired of the map 5 grind? Come check us out. We are also looking to help grow some accounts.

We are a chill group running AQ map 4. Tired of running map 5 stress. We also run war 3 times a week during seasons. Not rated yet this season but have a lot of gold 2 tier 10 experience. We'll hit gold 3/2 next season

We are in a little bit of a rebuild starting to get closer to full. We got rid of the drama to have fun again. We can also take on a small group if needed. Even through a rebuild we are highly organized and experienced.

All we ask is you help clear AQ/AW, communicate, pay min donations and have line app.

Find me. Line ID sactown_raider
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