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Turn Alliance Bases into Individual AWs

Imo, the Bases were replaced by AW. Bases have been in since the beginning with AW being introduced 18 months ago (?). But sort of serve the same purpose--set a defense in a map, let others attack your alliance.
Instead of having this non-implemented, annoying alliance feature, I suggest it be changed and implemented as individual bases (only your champs) and let other individuals attack your base (as long as your champs are not tied up in it). Similar to an AW but only by each player. Set up an individual "base" rating and either have match making or allow user to pick a base to battle based on rating. Don't know what their rewards would be--could increase them based on the difference between your base's rating and the opponent you choose (the higher the difference, the better the rewards). Have a placement phase at which time you base rating is determined, then lock for match phase and attack (again without locking champs out of use in other areas). Would help the independent (non-alliance) players a similar function as AW.
But do SOMETHING about these Bases--either implement or remove.


  • Luismarquez131Luismarquez131 Posts: 164
    Maybe they can set it up as the defense placement, like place your defenders there, then when matchmaking starts, the attack phase just begins. I'm sorry if I'm not being clear on what I mean.
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