WANTED Determined Alliance Map 2/3 & WAR, All Events for 5 players

I am need need a Strong alliance that completes all events, AQ and AW. I have 5 players who I would like to bring. I need an alliance participates in all areas for growth. I am active player, my gamer tag is Ps¥ch£, my line ID is psyche 2119.


  • Are u still looking? I sent you an in game friend request but can’t seem to fing u in line. Mandingo8282 is mine
  • J3J_LTDJ3J_LTD Posts: 27
    hey dude we can take on all 5 of you no problem as long as you can take a path in aq and aw 6m ally running 3/2/2 for aq and 2bg for war, but hopefully going up to 3bg in a season or two. we also use clan hq instead of line in case thats a problem for you add me in game j&j ltd
  • If you're still looking, you and your firend would be welcome at our map 3 bg. Message me at line if interested, Uncannyavenger_
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