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Act 5 exploration or concentrate on other content for progression

I am currently trying to progress as fast as I can. I'm trying to explore act 5 100℅. Currently 61℅ completed overall. But some paths in 5.4 are giving me a hard time. Being a free-to-play player I do not prefer spending units for revives. Should I be focusing on some alternative content that can help me build a decent 5 star roster?


    Bro concentrate on other content that help you to get good champ and resource to upgrade champ to do you act5.
  • addisonbassistaddisonbassist Posts: 574 ★★★
    The monthly EQ gives you the most bang for your buck as far as rewards vs. effort... so, I would be 100% exploring UC, Master and Heroic every month.

    However, Act 5 exploration will give you at least a few 5* champs, a 2-3 rank up gem, a 3-4 rank up gem, two 5* awakening gem crystals, a generic 5* gem, T4C and some T2A... that is a LOT of goodies that will help you with your progression.

    100% Act 5 exploration is a terrible grind for sure, but you're already more than halfway there... I'd definitely focus on if you're already done exploring EQ this month.
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 265
    Here's my non-answer answer: it depends on what you've got. You'll find that t2 alphas are much more available now than they were even three months ago. You want your focus to be on building the top of your roster, not depth. Identify tangible goals to improve what you have. If you've got Domino at 3/45 and know you want her at 4/55, you need to chase t2 alphas or whatever other missing resource would get her there. If you've got a 4-star and a bunch of sig stones you want to burn, make sure you finish 5.1 and get that awakening gem so you can get it.

    There are plenty of 5/50 4-stars with good sigs that will clear more content than the average 3/45 (sometimes even compared to the same champ at sig20 3/45). Cap IW is a great example. Void was especially strong for some content this month. Corvus gets work done. I have something like 5 4/55 champs and a couple of 6-stars, and my 5/50 sig 99 Blade still comes to war with my 4/55 Ghost Rider.

    Anyway, set goals. Identify the 5-stars you want at 4/55 and pursue that aggressively. Look at your potential 5/50 and 3/45 champs as one big pot and figure out who your best fits are.
  • I'm on 63% but in no rush to complete it. Hell I havent event 100% any of the chapters yet. I'm doing bits and pieces. Don't ask about my logic because even I don't know why I am doing it this way.
  • XxOriginalxXXxOriginalxX Posts: 1,325 ★★★
    I rushed exploration, absolutely worth it to get those rank up gems and five star shards, but if it’s distracting you from temporary content then focus that first, you do have a week for EQ, but if that’s done then yeah, do everything you can in act 5
  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 325 ★★
    If you have some sort of feel for cost versus reward, go with that. Some of the maps in Act 5 are more easily cleared than the UC monthly. On those months, hit Act 5 instead.

    I try to get through UC once on all of the un-buffed paths and then see how easily I can take down the Chapter 3 bosses. If I have issues clearing them reliably without items, I switch over to Act 5 because I'd much rather spend my energy practicing a path that will never ever change than a working through a map where the buffs change monthly.

    Focus on your top 5* champs. If you don't have a top fleet of guys, go to the places you can get the most 5*s for the energy you spend.

    I bought a couple featured 5* crystals and pulled and duped Blade. I had him as a 4* unduped at 5/50.

    I had 3 2ta's and enough t4c to get my 5*, so I spent money on the t4b offer earlier this month to get enough car resources to bring him to R4.

    And let me tell you: Some champs change completely when they get to R4. In Blade's case, his damage seemed to jump a really nice amount even from R3 to R4. Considering how hard it is to get a 5* to R4, his damage better be off the chain.

    What I'm finding is that building a questing line up of 4*/5* champs with synergies (ideally) is the key to taking down the next level of content.

    Having 4 5* R4/55 champs helps with some higher end content. Better players could do the LOL easy path with my champs, but I can't without dropping tons of cash on items, so I'm waiting on LOL.

  • godsquad891godsquad891 Posts: 776 ★★
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    I get my second six star from uc next month ive done a once through act 5 100% chapter one going to hit 5.2 hard hopefully my next 6* is a good champ I think rewards wise even though I have rttl part 3 and rol still to complete I'm gonna concentrate on act 5 lol rewards are better
  • Currently I have 5* 4/55 Ghost and 3/45 duped Voodoo as my top 5 stars..I have an Archangel but he's unduped.. That's why I want to explore act 5 as fast as possible.. To build a good 5* team.. Rest of the five stars I currently have are trash
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