Act 5

Is it normal to use revives are units?

Ive had to use my first 4 20% revives on act 5.2.4, bloody cable just ate through most my champs, loki and storm were very easy. I did storm with my 5* rank 4 killmonger. After his sp1 he becomes unstopable hence why i didnt 'dash' backwards. P.s my killmonger had around 17% health when i fought storm.

So im guessing after act 5.2.4 it gets difficult?.

Ive got 3 rank 4 5*
Ive got 2 rank 5 4*


  • godsquad891godsquad891 Posts: 778 ★★
    act 5.3 is a pain as you get gimped damage unless you have strong champs across all classes
  • I had issue with losing key in act 5 chapter 3.1. Kabam did fix and make it right by the way. Thank you very much. I didn’t think they we’re responding to my emails but they did immediately.....for some reason emails went to junk emails.
  • DonkillaDonkilla Posts: 162
    Ive just done act 5.2.5, was easier then 5.2.4. And had a little look at act 5.2.6. May have a break as im tired from work and completing these two paths. May have a go just before bed, but i will watch a video on the collector ive never seen him fight before so dont know how he works. Will study the collector before i attempt, and i prefer the iceman route even though he is a pain. But the path in taking means fighting iceman and sw the path has easy champs who i wont have a problem with
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