The collector

Yes this morning i wasnt doing anything, so i decided to do act 5.2.3 which was easy,

Later on this afternoon whilst having a cup off tea i did act 5.2.4 again cost me the odd revive.

Just a few hours ago i completed act 5.2.5 again wasnt too hard.

Got in bed just over a hour or so and thought lets just give act 5.2.6 ago seen as im on a good run.

Again was straight forward right til i reached collector.

Reccomend the godslayer node for any1 whos trying it first and do bring at least 1 bleed immune champ.

Anyways had health on my champions when i reached the collector so i thought i'd give it a run, KO'd all my champs and got collector down to 91% health. To my standards i did poor,

(Total used 2 team revives and 6 single revives)

... 2nd run... i was patient alot more patient, i just patiently toke out his health the fight got harder as he lost more health. Cost me another team revive and 6 single revives when he was around 20%. To me its a money pit, yes the fight should be hard but not so hard when you know your helpless and have no choice but to use units and revives. But anyways got the job done.

Team i used.

5* R4 Hyperion Duped
5* R4 Killmonger
5* R4 Iceman
4* R5 Iceman duped
4* R5 AA.

MVP Hyperion
MVP 2 Killmonger


  • DonkillaDonkilla Posts: 162
    I just wasnt keen, then after doing 5.3 and 5.4 i thought i'll crack on
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