Celebrate the Year of the Pig! Gifting Event and Special Calendar Coming Soon!



  • Our bad! Thanks for catching that everybody! It is 1888 5-Star Shards!

    What do u mean its right
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    Fantasma não da erro de golpe quando invisível ... pq ? Bug ? Arrumem , por favor
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    I really appreciate the lunar year gifting event but it would be really appreciated if you make an event for the Muslims new year immigration year or I don't know what is it called in english thanks in advance
  • In the IG message, it said something about a quest with ya boy Deadpool. Any details about this?

  • Guess I'm in B)
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    I'm not sure if anyone brought it up yet, but why did they not say anything of the new quest that was brought up in the in-game mailbox announcement? I want to know what those rewards are! :D :D :o
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    humzah217 wrote: »
    My friends account is level 6 will he get a gifting badge @Kabam Miike

    No @humzah217 you need to be lvl 17 I believe.

    It actually says in the message "Temporary Gifting Badge to all Summoners Level 6+" so I'd say yeah he'll get one

    Oh lol didn’t see that. Everybody start making Alt accounts 🥴
  • Ne amaclı domuz yılı garibime geldi açıkçası başka güzel isimler konsaydı daha iyi olurdu
    Why are such weak rewards in these envelopes? :'(
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  • wait i am asian
  • Super!! Merci pour tout!!!
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    Lol, just got 1888 5*shards from the very first greater red envelope crystal 😂😂😎
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  • Happy new year.
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    Sadly with the game down we lose some time, but hopefully they fix it relatively soon.
  • Why doent my kabamm accout work
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    What happens if i switch alliance in the middle of this event???
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    level 6 is all that is need for lunar event. alliance requires you to be level 17
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    Gsxrmack wrote: »
    alliance requires you to be level 17

    Level 17 is only to join AW, not needed to earn rewards from Alliance Events.
  • How come we are not able to gift carbonadium cores in this gift event?
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    Very good
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    I realize I could have just posted my thoughts in this thread and not create a whole new thread (so sorry for the redundancy!):

    So I want to preface this by saying I’m not complaining at all, this is merely an observation/recommendation...

    It looks like the lunar new year gifting event could potentially benefit in future iterations by adding a couple more milestones to account for the total amount of points possible to earn. If an alliance stays completely together, after today’s gifting of envelopes, it looks like you’d get to 21,600 points, a little more the 6000 points than the last milestone. Then after the next time we get some envelopes to gift later this next week, the total should get to at least 28,000. Seems like an opportunity for more milestones to get built in for future versions of this event. I don’t have an issue with how this is designed, just figure it could benefit alliances with a slight adjustment in the future👍.

    Thanks guys the great event Kabam, and happy Lunar New Year!
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  • Loving this game more and more!!!
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