Catalyst Clash Infinite Streak method?

So, I am having hard time scoring 1.1M for t4 catalyst or 1.5M for class. I don't have lots of champs so I can't really follow tutorials out there which I think are year old.

I have 14 - 4*, out of which only 1 is 4/40, 2 are 2/20 and other are 3/30.
I have 45 3* , out of which only 4 are 4/40 and 2 more are nearly maxed.

So yeah, not a great rooster but if there is any one around 42 level and this kind of rooster using infinite streak, or other know how to do it, it'll be helpful.


  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    Having 4* 4/40 makes it quite hard, since you are going to have to face those nasty 5* 4/55, meaning you have to be pretty skilled if you want to get through them. They usually appear around streak 10-14. It is recommended to have at maxed 4*s, or at the very least, 4* 4/40.

    With the majority of your 4* being R3 only, it will be really difficult. So it's either you bite the bullet and break through those 5* R4 teams or you continuously break your streak after a certain point. At the very least, if you cannot get a streak going, you should just try to use all your champions in your roster.
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    You can get longer streaks by putting a 'sacrificial lamb' in with two strong characters; ideally a totally undeveloped 1-3 star character. Your little lamb will lower the PI of your trio, so reducing the PI of your opponents even further, and avoiding the nastiest 5* 4/55s. Then put little lamb against the biggest baddest opponent and smile as they get smacked down. So long as you win the other two out of three, your streak continues with your X3 bonus.

    Oh, and ignore class catalyst clash - you'll pretty much never get any actual class catalysts. You'd be much better off taking advantage of the current Stark quests.
  • PiviotPiviot Posts: 658 ★★★
    Don't waste time in the class clash, not worth it for ISO

    Unless u in top 50

    Don't know what it is(I put up 6m nothing)

    The arena is worthless
  • DhennyzDhennyz Posts: 22
    I don't know what it is either but I finished Crystal Cornocupia with less than 450k points and got the 6k phc shards rewards for finishing 31-60%. I looked at my ISO stash and got a bunch of 5k mutant ISO also.
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