AW Rewards?

Will you still get AW rewards if you get kicked the day before AW Rewards


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    Need to be present when rewards are given out.
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    albin452 wrote: »
    Will you still get AW rewards if you get kicked the day before AW Rewards

    No alliance should do that to you no matter how bad u did if you were there during season. Sorry to hear tha
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    This is a huge problem with the current AW season set up. Every season you hear of at least 1 alliance where something like this happens. May be by mistake, sometimes the officer/leader claims he was hacked, sometimes the officer/leader just goes on a rampage. The game system should not allow for one person to unilaterally decide up to 29 other players' rewards for one whole month of effort.

    There should at least be some sort of fail-safe. Like add in a 5 war black out, but if you get kicked in that 5 war window, you get the pro-rated result of your new ally or your previous ally if you don't manage to fnd a new one. Pro-rated based on how many wars you have done with that alliance. So if you were kicked after 10 wars, and that alliance goes on to get Platinum 1, you should get 10/12 of platinum 1 rewards.

    Just a rough suggestion and would definitely need tweaking to avoid abuse. But some system has to be put in place to avoid this catastrophe.
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