Should I get todays offer?

I am looking to try 100% act 4 and maybe aim for uncollected soon. My team consists of
4* 5/50 domino unawakened
4* 4/40 starky awakened
4* 4/40 medusa awakened
4* 4/40 void unawakened
4* 4/40 killmonger unawakened.

I just want to know if I should get the daily card and if yes who to use the awakening gem on.

Should I get todays offer? 26 votes

Dont get it
GamerDrZolaThe_OneLeNoirFaineantpayebuduGK_23Foxhero007NiteAndDaeDaileySociopathTinoMiaAleorV1PER1987FhfjghhggggjfhfjgpeasantLolbanthisahabWakanda4Ever278Darth_Semz 18 votes
Get and use on domino
TlmajrSpiderBroTheRazor 3 votes
Get and use on void
axelelf_1ToxicBladeRunamokUSART9 4 votes
Get and use on killmonger
Ultimatesaber32 1 vote


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    axelelf_1axelelf_1 Posts: 775 ★★★
    Get and use on void
    Domino doesn't need her sig except on defense and I think it's the same with killmonger (reverberation) though I don't have him so not entirely sure.

    I'm all about good offers and I think this one is pretty solid.
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    peasantpeasant Posts: 240
    Dont get it
    30 bucks for a 4* awakening gem isn't worth it IMO. If you do buy it, use it on Void.

    I agree.

    If you're going to spend, you're better off getting the 5* sig stones because those are the ones that'll be relevant long term compared to 4* sig stones.

    For now I think you should be having fun/improving your skills.
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