Diablo uncollected

Ive only become uncollected a few days ago,

I breezed through all the chapters apart from diablo.

Alot off people say use Void VAIW quake etc. But i bought the wrong team in many peoples eyes. My team was.

5* R4 Hyperion duped
5* R4 killmonger
5* R4 Iceman
4* R5 AA duped
4* R5 iceman duped

As you can see all off them have quite a few buffs. But the one thing i got lucky on was Diablo was immune bleed hence Killmonger was my MVP.

Dont listen to people who say wait til his charges go to 0 because you will use countless revives. I used a team revive based on that theory and he still had around 8 charges & 100%.

So i changed my Plan. I used Killmonger. 5 combo dance around 5 combo.. bait his sp1.. 2-3 combo (he can become unstoppable). use my sp1.. and repeat.. got KOd by his unstoppable.. used a single revive and finished him off...

If your seriously going to play the waiting game i do not recommend. It will be a matter off time before he KOs you.

P.S remove Dex as that is a debuff and dont use Parry because he will KO you.

All you need to do is Hit Dance and Bait..

And bring some champs who dont cause him to buffet. Mistake i made bringing AA and Iceman X2 lol.

Killmonger is lethal when it comes to dancing he can dash back and he can dash forward very very quick. So you dont need dex and parry if you got a killmonger

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